Hello everyone! Ancient Identities is our first project altogether as a team and we are very much looking forward to exploring the grounds of identity formation and the rehashing, heritage and values of Iron Age, Roman and Early Medieval pasts in present-day Britain.

Collectively, we specialise in Iron Age, Roman and Early Medieval Archaeology, Frontier Archaeology, Social Anthropology, Public Archaeology and Digital Heritage and will be taking you on a journey across these disciplines and the contemporary meanings of only apparently distant pasts.

We will be sharing our research progress in the Blog we have set up and any outputs and useful resources. What is even more exciting is that we really welcome any opportunities to collaborate with you, if you have interests in our research topic. There are several ways in which you can get involved…

You can help with our research by taking part in the Crowdsourcing projects we will set up, sending us any materials you think we should know about, or sharing your views and discussing them with others on our community Forum.

We really hope to hear from you!

Chiara, Richard, Tom and Kate